Tuesday, September 29, 2009


BFF...???what does it means..?haha some poeple think BFF is like boy friend forever..but actually nope..it more to best friends forever..hehe.me and my besties always togather because we are in the same boat.shared alot of things and stuff.most of all whenever we all got problems they all always on my side.i really apprieciate them alot.and most importantly we never feel bored of our self..try to find whats the meanign of happiness.kind of complicated but still trying our luck to not gave up with things that we face it.so to all my besties or may i say few of my besties..i will always cherish u guys as my only true friends..and included all of my friends who know me..u all

Monday, September 28, 2009


well the day before hari raya..kind of not so interesting this year of syawal..because my ramadhan not goin so well.infact my fasting month became more unhealthy because of the problems i been trough.hopefully god will understand me well.hopefully god will forgive me.i guess this year fasting month i have to repay it for next year.maybe because im so tired and stress.no money to spend and i have to budget myself to ensure that i have enough of my own pocket money.its sound like im very broke.before i went back to my parents place i have to work late shift,well i tought that i can make it in time but i guess its very late already.so i have to change my mind to went back on the next day.so the next day is the last day of ramadhan still i didnt woke up for my supper,end up i didnt fasting.so went back with the unhappy mood..so far i helping out my parents to set up the food for the next day of hari raya.kind of bored because some of my siblings make plans to went back on the day of hari raya.gosh that's is very boring.so i decided to clean all the house and try to change everything around my house to make it look nice and tidy.i also try to help my mum to cook rendang and ketupat.until late night we done with our work.so the next day i went for the hari raya prayers.woke up with eyed swollen and pail look..gosh i really not enough of sleep.the story continued after my prayers i having my breakfast with ketupat,rendang,chicken curry,sambal kacang and etc.OMG it really make me put on my fats back again.haha..i guess no.i will ensure i stay fit..that what i always do.then after awhile then my siblings some back.with to many noise inside the house.haha end the end i think again is not because of dressing up for raya but its because raya is to celebrate the month of relief or may i say freedom to all the muslims people.and is about we forgive and forget to each other.thats not all its also helps to bring family close to each other and gave a happiness with a joy of laughter..thats is all about..i guess next time i try to make sure that i will complete my fasting month on the next year..haha..so do to what i experience just gave any comments to my story above

Sunday, September 13, 2009

it's me...!!

whose that person..??everyone been thinking who the hell is me hahaha...not everyone..certain people i guess..it not like the whole world wanted to know me that much...im not like "LADY GAGA" or "PARIS HILTON" haha..i just a ordinary person.life simple still looking foward for money.i need to trim my body,i still have alot of unstable body parts haha..jokin.actually i love who i am.and i never copy people style.and i will stay with my personality.because i feel comftable with who i am.people can't judge me that much.only god know's why,and only god can judge me.i resemble my self as a wacky fellar with a funny atitude.i guess sometimes i think myself to irritating.haha but not to much.because i very hyper talkative,and i love to intertain people especially among of my close friends.they all know my atitude.and i never judge people that much unless if the situation is very bad.then is a another story.haha..i got my own icon artist who same atitude as i am..haha..but well for me i can be friends with anyone..not that choosy.because i am very easy goin fellar.i would like to try alot of fun things.so from there we can know and understand alot of culture.that is me of cause..so if u like to hangout or be friends with me do add me in my facebook.haha..and gave some comments with my blog.

my "aidan"bag from marc by marc jacobs

my lucky charmed bag would i say..hehe..i kind of like his creation.well marc is simply genius and i love his design.worth of buying.actually i like all of his creation sinces i was in secondary school.the bag cost me a penny.but to me as long i love the bag is just make me feel relief,because i can put alot of my stuff and carry everywhere i want to.i collect some of his accessories and clothes too,i not so crazy with the brand.or may i say brand conscious.but i more into quality and adore with design.

ac by acid

i love fashion and it resemble a iconic things to me,every each person got their personality and interest in what kind of fashion sense.thats why i choose certain designers as my inspiration of my life and as my ''guru'' .i choose marc jacobs because his fashion sense is more into creativity,imagination,history,music and classic modern.its represent a genius creation.as for me im a student who willing to bring up all my imagination out from my head.i declaire myself as virtual illusion creativity,but i mix it with some music and unique colors.fashion has been known well by people.and each people has their own thinking to bring out their own sense of style.from runway dress and clothes to accessories.male and female has their own different type of looks.