Sunday, September 13, 2009

it's me...!!

whose that person..??everyone been thinking who the hell is me hahaha...not everyone..certain people i not like the whole world wanted to know me that not like "LADY GAGA" or "PARIS HILTON" haha..i just a ordinary simple still looking foward for money.i need to trim my body,i still have alot of unstable body parts haha..jokin.actually i love who i am.and i never copy people style.and i will stay with my personality.because i feel comftable with who i am.people can't judge me that much.only god know's why,and only god can judge me.i resemble my self as a wacky fellar with a funny atitude.i guess sometimes i think myself to irritating.haha but not to much.because i very hyper talkative,and i love to intertain people especially among of my close friends.they all know my atitude.and i never judge people that much unless if the situation is very bad.then is a another story.haha..i got my own icon artist who same atitude as i am..haha..but well for me i can be friends with anyone..not that choosy.because i am very easy goin fellar.i would like to try alot of fun from there we can know and understand alot of culture.that is me of if u like to hangout or be friends with me do add me in my facebook.haha..and gave some comments with my blog.

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