Monday, November 30, 2009

outing 30 november 2009

outing with my friend..bcoz my bestfriends bday outing we go for dinner and supper..and watch movie..

Sunday, November 29, 2009

my best friend bday outing..!!

well is my besties birthday party,well im kinda wearing something nice bcoz must have black on the list..well i wear a hat (SPRINGFIELD),checkerd shirt (TECHNICAL),skinny jeans (UNIQLO),belt (COSMIC),bag (MARC BY MARC JACOBS),shoes (ALPO uk brand),shades (RAYBAN).gave a comment on it..haha..

A.P.C brand

A.P.C brand is the most famous brand in L.A.and in UK this design are made to people who like skinny type and indie style..A.P.C is collabaration with music and fashion so check it out..

jeans jeans this is TRUE RELIGION

TRUE RELIGION jeans is made for the people who are countryside style and grunge..with the old school design of the pokets and striking strim line on the jeans gave it try..logon to ( for more info.


some of you heard about KEDS and some of you heard about PRO KEDS.well both are the just that PRO KEDS got the stripe line on side of the shoe it self..then keds got the rubber tag on the side of the shoe lace...erm its so complicated but try to check it out and more info logon to (


MODERN AMUSEMENT is a america brand that popular in us now,not only us but in asia japan and hongkong too.thats why in asia it self only two country carry this brand in japan and hongkong.maybe soon singapore..we will never know..the clothing is more into chill,relax and party at the beach..not surfing type but is more simple wear..try to check it out..u can logon to ( for more info..


calling for boots collector and shoes collector some good reason why u have to own the redwings shoes...bcoz now is coming a boots that turn on your fashion thing..match with skinny pants,skinny jeans and some can fit with skinny bermudas try it own it..=P

Marc By Marc Jacobs fall 2009 men's collection

marc jacobs came up with a new and vintage grunge fall collection.this time around marc gave a good mix of colour..marron,grey and dark brown..winter will never be the same without accessories marc put alot of things to make it happen in fashion guys out there who like a taste of urban grunge u should try it logon to ( for more info

saturday,sunday ermm monday..CHEAP MONDAY..!!!!!

yeah cheap monday..everyone knows about it..the most craziest ad funkiest jeans ever for street chic wear..!!cheap monday deliver their jeans with full of curve and funky grab it one for yr own personal fashion thingy..hehe and now H&M team up with CHEAP MONDAY too make more happening..

VANS anyone..?haha.. for spring 2009..i noe is abit to late to updated the old ads..but to us in asia is still early and check it out the's ads for VANS womens..logon to ( for more info

should i own BALENCIAGA..??

well perhaps is abit too much if i own BALENCIAGA but i adore the bag..bcoz of the design...and cool colour so i choose 3 type of colour and design to my own collection soon..mybe year haha..try to check out mybe you will like it..!!