Saturday, November 14, 2009

FREEdom of HAPpiness

i just wanna say that im glad that iam now free of everything can spend time with my friends and families..great to enjoy with far things been goin so well even tho is still early but i have to make alot of things everyday so i didnt waste my day and far i miss all my friends on my previous job in zara.well all like family and i miss then so much.things have to move on..well i guess now im jobless so i need to think what's next.haha..i never feel worried or sad..i just need something to make me feel happy to my self.before im starting my new committment i need to work out with my driving classes and some gym thingy.haha..and the most important is my and my mum gotalot of things to for me..well hangout with my hometown friends...i miss them alot..haha..watching movies go for supper..and chill on seaside...haha..i still got things to attend and still got interviews to go..atleast gave a i have to make my own effort of myself bcause i need to buy my dream car after i pass my driving wish me luck..hope god bless me..nothing else i can say..just being happy for myself..thats all.

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