Friday, November 27, 2009


well you should know it now these days womens wanted something different in their lives,well perhaps guys were wondering..haha but not for the fashion people..they do follow every single season what's new in fashion..what's hot and whar's today i trying to do a reaserch about killer heels and the very own slippers from brazilian prala..well on the street of singapore most of normal girls would rather put on their foot with normal slippers or sandels.some prefer boots,some of boots r high boots and shorts one's haha..and some of them who barely fight them self with the killer heels..yeah killer heels..sounds scary but its true.killer heels do kill people..haha just a joke..ok killer heels actually to help womens stand up for theirself..some of them use it for fashion and for fun..some use it for formal like goin to work or on a dinner.well to make sure that you in safety. u need a plenty of preparation for your walking skills and what type of killer heels should you choose..this kind of things is important to make sure that u won't gonna cry because u foot bursting and too the girls who do not dare to wear those killer heels you can still put on the normal pumps shoes or normal size and very comfortable for daily use..and trust me is suit with any type of worerobe..same as ballerina shoes and slip on..those are suitable for people who really like to walk on the streets or goin to is much easy for you to make a fast move or doing yr dirty gave it a try..and remember striking colours do gave a good thing but u have to be brave enough to mix and match with what kind of outfit or dress you wearing..p/s acid

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