Wednesday, November 18, 2009

new born blonde (totaly make over)

November 8 2009,around 5.p.m.

thinking of something different and try to change things by doing crazy stuff that i do before, not so crazy but try to change something new of me. i don't care if people hate it or like it. but for myself i trying to enjoy it, i try to dye my hair blonde. its sound nuts but i try my best luck to enjoying my free time with something cool. i don't feel regret at all. but in this situation is just for temporary not for a long term. because i know what's best in me. not for other people but my own thing. well certain people kind of shock with what i doing now. but it's all right and it's o.k. for me. i happy for it. as a result everything goes smooth. all sudden i have to go for interview on up coming weeks. so i need to prepare for myself.. especially my new hair too so i guess need a solution to cover my hair color. well i guess i can get it fix as soon as possible. in fact this free time i got a lot of things to do. my plans all packs with appointments and activities.wish me luck..

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