Sunday, November 1, 2009

BOrED iN the Monday MOrninG

well,nothing much to say its 3.47 a.m. in the monday morning. Today is my of day and i've counting out the days for up coming saturday. Its hard to make a decision sometimes but this not a dream is a reality i have to make my own choice as for my own responsible to think what is the best for me. well i have made my own decision and i finally choose to leave from my company. its hard when u already know each other and learn a lot of things and all sudden my heart wasn't there at all. i try my best to put and effort for my self and to show that i willing to work with them but in the end i just can't do it. i didn't said that i gave up because of surrounding. but i have to admit it is just my own personal things i need to care as my 1st priority . but still i need to take a few weeks of rest for my self, to gain back my energy . maybe soon i will try to find a better job for self. at the same time i also need to finish my own stuff. time goes by very past and now is end of the year 2009. a lot of things i keep in my mind and my own diary as for reminder what event and what kind of bittersweet things that happen in this year. but still countdown for the new year of 2010 still haven't start but i still prepare some of my new resolution for my own achievement for the next year. so to make my self to be a better person and brighten up my future. is just difficult when the time is coming for me to leave some of my closet friends that we been to gather for so many years,days and time. i don't know how to explain but my heart is so heavy to left all of my own best friends. well maybe i will try to make plan's with them to meet up when they all free and i' m free too. i just want to say thank you to all the people who has been gave a good support to me and some of my fellow workers who have been helping with all of new things and teach me a lot of stuff. may all your wishes come true. wish u all the best in your life.

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