Tuesday, December 22, 2009

to the people who knew what im trying to speak out!!

well some people think maybe im very daring or firm,but to tell the truth what ever attitude from that person..we as people cannot judge or say...but to me some of this people they are just trying to showoff tht they dont do that kind of thing..suprisely we can see some educated people just tryin to be selfish and proud of them self...sorry to say this..i never gossip about people but when the limit is not stable anymore..people keep talking bad's about me..is time for me to stand up...well i got a story to share from my life...it happen last month..well i was hangout with my friend and all sudden my another friend came out with his plan to hangout @ cafe..so this cafe i dont wanna mention but is districly dont want to involving with the cafe..bcoz the cafe dosen't make things bad...is just this person only got the bad attitude..ok back to the story...well as well all go there..well i didnt expect that my friend got meeting with this group..or what so ever...!!to me up to you guys lah is your meeting so i just came over maybe hangout or chill...but actually things turn to be so fucking boring..and sux..!!we actually i just arived with a big smile on my face..bcoz to me i'm very friendly..like to make friends..i dont know...well i came there without any shake hands or anything..only one of the people smile and talk about my hair..2 of my friends sit there and laugh..but this fellar..i guess very ego and so call the chief of the group like fucking bastard look at me like he dont care about me..hello just to remind to this person...get a life man...u think you own a big bank company..come on...u just like us young and still find away to bulid yr own freaking life...ok continue with the story again..ok i guess no one respond so i sit down...and one by one the all the members of the club come over to open the meeting...ok.well some of them shake hands some of them just dont bother...maybe they dont know me..but i think it's wrong..this is not the way to open a public community or club if your never be friendly or make a pleasent communication with other people...bcoz i feel the impact...this is totaly wrong...ok after that i feel this thing is wrong..so i try myself to just entertain myself by surf my lappy...like i dont gave a damn..!!but i watching every single time..what his own respond..well they all start the conversation...with laughing...smile...and asking to each other about facts or ideas to bringout...so they all enjoying with the conversation..well for me sitting at the corner just listen what they all talking about..well even thoe im not in the meeting...but he never try to ask me or chat with me...even shared ideas..i guess this type of people is too much...!!well to this person i dunno yr name but i dont wanna judge abt you...but for yr info...please show yr own respect to other people..and try to be nice to other people..if u think u open this community with a statement to bring out a good commmunity with a multi culture and race..to invole with alot of people...so why not you just think about your self 1st...be humble with people...dont show yr selfish and proudeness...or choosy..bcoz u will never get far...so i wish all the best with yr community...and i guess....u guys need to motivate yr self...and find more friends and dont choose people...thats is very wrong..!!but if u wanna make it to the top teamwork and friendship is important..

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