Saturday, January 30, 2010

a new begining new life

just wanna say that now these days life so far has been so tough for me,trou out of year my life has been so cheer with up and down.well not everyday u have to be depents in what kind of situation u were..ermm....its hard to describe it..because no one understand.sometimes i do feel stress with my life now..i tought that my life should be fine in 2010.well there been alot of difficulities out there..that i have to be prepare for the worse.i'm still waiting for my wonderfull life back to normal as these days its hard for me to sleep well,seldom hangouts with my besties,more be alone and eat alot of food that i worried about my health.well i need to motivate my life but sometimes i feel lazy to do so..oh my god what a horrible life..well i have to really really have to work hard for myself.i need to throw away all the past..and start thinking abt my future.being alone sometimes is very tough.not easy and i can't depending with anyone unless with my self..because not 100% my friend will always beside me..sometimes they have their own problems to..i have to understand about other people...well hope i will achieve to be more better..i just wanna be comfortable with my life and be happy thats all..hope god will listen with all my prayers..

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