Monday, May 31, 2010

Recover from bad fever..

THUSRDAy:after arrived in JB from KL,i was a little bit uncomftable with my body and and my sister stop for while at the cafe near by not far from her house..we both eat for dinner.i takin just a normal meal and a vegetable sup.abit of black papper but overall the sup very nice.i finish all the food and still remember to take my been told and advice from my sister.after finish all the food we went back.once i reach i feel my body abit weak,and i feel that my throat very dry.erm maybe because of the air-coin i guess.but in the end it getting worse.i take alot of warm water to reduce the pain.but it dosen't work at all.until my tempeture goin very my mum ask me to take panadol to make me feel relief.but end up the next day my fever getting worse.infact i lost my voice and i cant even swallow anything..especially immidently i rush to the family clinic near by.the doctor gave me alot of medicine,once i arrived home i took all the medicine and cover myself with a warm blanket to make myself sleep and rest.after awhile my fever turns down.but my throat was still the same.painfull and dry.i can't make myself sleep..because of my throat and the cough..i told my mum that the medicine dosen't work at the next day i rush to the poly-clinic near by.i told the doctor i need the strong medicine that can cure the pain.infact i told the doctor that i have 4days left for my the doctor understand everything,so i went back home.before i took my medicine i have to take some food.atleast i wont feel on that day i took 4 times of my medicine,and sleep like a baby.the next day as the result,my sore throat fully recover,just left a few cough.but still i never stop taking the medicine.because i need to be in a good health on the OPERATION day on wednesday.i realize that,last week i took too much of cold drinks and not enough of next time i have to take care of my health.and i will make sure i sleep on time..

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  1. Acid... I doakan u sihat selalu yea :)

    semoga cepat sembuh dari operation esoknya...