Saturday, May 22, 2010


Actually,this story was happen after my 2nd time i admitted to the hospital in the month of march,if i can i found this one guy he know me well from a friend of my friend gave him my FACEBOOK profile and ask him to add me on his friendlist,infact my friend told him some interesting fact about me.well im kindly suprised that he really did add me on that night.actually i just want him to be as a friend.we had a small conversation on the phone and far i thought he was a very nice and kind person to be friend with.we been friends after that,so call close friends.But to me just a normal friendship not more then he always kept promise,always meet me up even he was very busy or he was very tired after his me everyday,sms me with sweet words.Buy me this buy me that.i even told him that i dont want all this thing,and i also told him that he help me so much and i will repay all that.because in this case i dont really like people gave to much help on me.but i think after 2months after that,the person who is a friend was totaly out of his mind.and i really prove him wrong that he was a nice person.actually he's planning for something.He was so called got a crush on me and fall deeply with his feeling towards me.And ever since he was a friend to me,he gave everything with money and alot of things just to win my heart on him.I was so shock and speechless with all the things that he's trying to do..because i don't really have those feeling towards him.And i really dont want his money or item that he bought for me.Because to me i really not into all this shit just to win my heart or fall in love to him..sorry im not like that person.So one day he sms me with his sweet words and telling me that he miss me and yet again he like waiting for my respond.well i admit to him that i not really ready for this kind of thing and infact i dont have those feeling towards him.infact i told him that im serious and sincerely that i really not interested to start a relationship with him.i know that he feel the pain.But i dont wanna lie to i told everything the its clear that we just friends.but i guess he just putting his high hopes on me,until he feels that he just waste him time hoping for something that he didnt get.from his voice he said im ok,but from the inside i think his totaly heart pain.After a few weeks we just be as a normal friends..but he's totaly change,we meet up not everyday,he always busy with his work,well of cause i understand he's working..and he didnt show up when i call or ask him for a help.but everyday i saw his wallpost on his FACEBOOK with sad words and always telling him self love is pain..i guess this kind of thing he need to think for him self..i do ask one of his friends why he so easily to fall in love with people that he didnt know well,his friend said that he just a naive person and so decent..he just need to be loved..but if the person got feeling toward him if dont shall he make up his mind.?his friend also dont know how to explain to him..she even advice him alot of times..but he believes that he got too much of his confident to approch people with his money but yet again he will end up heart broken.well as for me i also dont know how to its already 3months 23days,he became more quite and trying to avoiding me.well i dont really like that.i do meet him last week at his function at this shopping centere,on that time i was with my thing about him.he dont like to mix around with my call he's racist.and he always force me to hangout with his friends only.well that one i dont really like i drop by his function event and said hi to him..but his face look un happy and shown that i not he said that later he will meet me after his duty.but soon i received his message that he can't meet me because he got gathering with his i never force him..and i didnt reply because 0 credit.i guess he feel that he just dont want to be friends of me anymore.but to me i dont even care.and i dont take it seriously with this kind of problem,so far i be friends with everyone.and im not the choosing type of person.well this story is a true story and dont easily put on high hope for something that you are hoping so badly,if you got it good for you..but if you dont is just make yourself feel that you lose everything..and it just kills you from the inside..=END=

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