Tuesday, June 22, 2010

the most memorable day in my life 07/06/10


its a hecthic and kind of rush when last minute packing and didnt realise that tommorrow is my last appointment with my doctor before my operation day.i was ready on that time is just that my sister tought that the appointment was on wed..but actually the appointment was on tuesday.shame all got wrong infomation..missunderstanding and mess up..but overall things goin smooth.while we both on our way to KL.alot of chatting about my operation.well we all know my operation is kind of serious case.and its not a joke.but as for me,the feeling of goin for the operation wasn't there at all..i didnt feel nervous,i didnt prepare anything.even i pray like once in a day..well to me it up to god to handle this..if i could make it "thank god" if i couldn't maybe its a faith.

02/06/10 - 05/06/10
KL(IJN hospital)
waiting for the day for the operation,well my sister make a full registration for me.i got a ward for myself..it was boring.nothing to do.got wi-fi,reading magazines and eating snacks.they do gave a good servis..food and drinks.and some of friends come over and my love ones too..well thats all in the ward.

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