Monday, June 28, 2010

sux of being left behind part 2

when i was in my secondary finals..i was so wild and trying to be free of myself to join people from outsiders..i was so social..meeting many kinds of people..some of them take drugs,marjuana,alcohol,ice and alot of things..ive try all of it..but non of those im addicted just addicted to cigaratte and alcohol..people think iam a very wild child..but im guess even thoe im will...i never talk about just keep for myself..event my family dosent make any noise.they know what iam doin..but i not so addicted too much with still doing my part as a student and as a son in the me this was a new beginning of a life of a teenagers.growing up is so damn challenging..but this is what im trying to shared with all.finals was around the corner,preparation like hell..reading some test and never ever stop goin to my tuition class..well there so many things i need to catch up..will try to write it more..

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