Monday, June 28, 2010

sux of being left behind part 1

life sometimes aint gonna be easier as it sapose to be,maybe because different people got different thinking in their life's.most of life is more complicated with alot of challenging stuff and test that been written from god.well i didnt try to expect all this thing come to me in like a wind.since my childhood.people never look at me.they think im just a child who can't do things and no mom and my late date understand me alot.i grew up with a very very tough life.sadness around me and painfull responsability.infact i was sick since my age was 6years old..the doctor find out i got hole on my since i was in primary school..the teachers never really like me because i can't do play rough sports and do heavy things just because im sick.our family last time not really got alot of money to send me to the specialist or do operation.and even hard to buy medicine.i know my life is difficult..but so far iam thank to god.and i never expect it for me im just wanna be normal,healthy and try to make friends..and to make friends to accept me for who iam..even in secondary school im try to fit in with all the student with different classes.but yet again,it's more tougher..i was in the sciences class but all around me,my class mate look at me like i wasn't fit to be around end up i make friends with litreture classes..even know they all not so clever but they all got good hearts and friendly.years passing by..and my finals is coming..i became so naughty and mean.but still i never loose my education..just some teachers they dont like me..maybe because of my attitude.but so far people do like my me even i very bad bad boy in school im still top student in far i never make myself fail in exam.but i never like to show off things to people.i rather to keep it by my own.well the story never stop here..but i will write again soon.

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