Thursday, March 10, 2011

"GO GREEN" all about saving the earth with green

recently purple maybe the best goodie colors to bring out the style & personality in you.but GREEN also can help you to calm your self with the sense of environment style to save the earth by "GO GREEN".Sometimes green outfit or clothes can go with anything that match with what your wearing,but as i say don't to much using the color green from your head to toe.Play with some some other colors to make sure yourself look neat,simple & clean.these are some GREEN items that i can share with you guy's some products from balenciaga,vans,oakley,marc jacobs,g-shock,Lacoste,john deere,AF & basic t-shirt wear..try it you will definitely enjoying it..!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


This photo was been taken on 29 november 2010.I was celebrating my best friends birthday "ALICIA & YONGSHU".So we already plan this UNIVERSAL STUDIO outing on that's was hot hot summer day...but we all enjoy the celebration.although i got abit problem,but i just put the problem aside & enjoy every moments with my besties..haha..we all have a great time enjoying all the games & the view of the was damn awsome..!so to keep all those precious moments,i just post it on my blog to share the moments picture with you all..

JOHN GALLIANO been terminate from HOUSE OF DIOR

its a very bad news for my fave designer JOHN GALLIANO been terminate from HOUSE OF DIOR, after the video shown on the youtube about the designer making anti-semitic remarks to a group of girls outside a PARIS cafe.Galliano also saying on his video about he love "HITLER" and telling a group of italian girls outside cafe that "people like you would be dead.your mothers,your forefathers,would all been f***** gassed".that was when he totaly drunk..but i not sure either he's innocent or not,is all up to the judge court.the question always remind me in my mind..who is gonna replace GALLIANO for HOUSE OF DIOR..?we wait and see about it.the fashion for DIOR autumn/winter 2011/2012 show still go on without can check out his last design preview on YOUTUBE for autumn/winter 2011/2012.


it's all about purple,well maybe some of you dont like purple color.i have to say purple color sometimes brings the funky & artistic look.more cheer color to brighten up your day.haha maybe you can try it yourself & explore what is so interesting to choose purple color in yr daily's is my best pick from some *PURPLE GOODIES* from marc by marc jacobs,vans,ray ban,nixon,fred perry & blackberry..i think purple is the best color of spring this year.go on and try it.!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Outing with MY BESTIE..Having Dinner..**LAVENDER**

having dinner with my lavender cafe..we both order very nice dish!! really having a good time..i think my belly start to get bigger..!

Monday, March 7, 2011

I got my very own "AMERICAN APPAREL" t-shirt

last week i was in singapore accompany my friend from indonesia(BANDUNG)to take a walk & chill all over singapore.I stop by at this amazing shop at FAR EAST PLAZA.the shop was "URBAN JUNKIE" well actually i know the shop,it because i usually bought some stuff from there,when i was working last time i use to shop all the clothes,bag & shoes there.well they having sale..the one really caught up my eyes was the "AMERICAN APPERAL" well as you all know i love that brand & i know the quality of the fabric so damn NICE..infact they having a sale for the basic i bought 2 pairs..and it does come with my really wanna get more of it because there's to many colours to choose from...when i back to spore,i'm sure i gonna visit to that shop again.

WHAT's HOT in MY ROOM..??**

this is what happen when i open to show what's hot in my room..well 1stly my daily journal board that i always leave some note or my inspired stuff..or any brouches i will try to put as many as possible..but i always put the update one.and then my personal stuff for my needs..facial stuff,cream,hair cream..perfume bla bla bla..and some small frame photo with two ugly toys haha mr.frog & shrek..more stuff will upload soon..haha just wait..!!

"ALEXA CHUNG" my guru for my inspiration

The one and only fashion inspiration with her own vintage & urban style "ALEXA CHUNG" she always been my fave stylish people who bring out the fashion alive.the way she dressing it sure makes the paparazzi love to take her cool is that..!!haha..infct she also came out with her own line of clothing "ALEXA CHUNG for MADEWELL" so for the people who a big fan of her check it out her

Sunday, March 6, 2011


we have a great time last month.gani & kia from bandung came down town.they both from team production people in BANDUNG.well beside doing working we also got a great time chillin and hangout in spore.6days they both were staying in JB - SPORE.haha they both do enjoy the shopping & amazing food.same as me too enjoying with every single moments.

Addicted to TWITTER

lately facebook was my place to do my very own social networking.its been 5 years i'm on FACEBOOK.but,that were very long time ago when i was too ADDICTED to FACEBOOK but now i'm more to TWITTER.haha LOL..i got my twitter account since 2008.back then i not so active in twitter,maybe every 3 times a week.but since last year i more active in twitter until now every second,minute,hour & everyday its like my daily dose of happiness & enjoyment.because twitter it's like a place to shout out what i feel in my daily lives.with twitter i can communicate the same time i can follow any twitter who i want to follow.every update post its like a tracking device i know what were my friends if read this,and if you got twitter account just follow me @acbyacid.i will always twitt back whenever you follow get your BB or IP to twitt with harm to twitt each other.its a pleasure for everyone to twitt with anyone they like.enjoy your twitter you all..


this book always be my inspiration & guideline to be success in fashion line.alot of interesting fact,advice,qoute and article for you to learn the basic step to be success.i bought in when i was in KL last's so only sells in kinokuniya book store in me every book & magazines always be an inspiration to every each of my design.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Actually i get this booked since i was in KL.that time i was reading this one fave blog that really popular in they preview some cool FASHION & WHAT"S HOT.So recently i was in i drop by to the kinokuniya book store in they sold this book.At first i try to find the limited edition but the staff say they don't have it.but lastly i make my desicion & just bought the book."BRINGING HOME THE BIRKIN from MICHAEL TONELLO.still 3 more chapter to finished it..