Sunday, March 6, 2011

Addicted to TWITTER

lately facebook was my place to do my very own social networking.its been 5 years i'm on FACEBOOK.but,that were very long time ago when i was too ADDICTED to FACEBOOK but now i'm more to TWITTER.haha LOL..i got my twitter account since 2008.back then i not so active in twitter,maybe every 3 times a week.but since last year i more active in twitter until now every second,minute,hour & everyday its like my daily dose of happiness & enjoyment.because twitter it's like a place to shout out what i feel in my daily lives.with twitter i can communicate the same time i can follow any twitter who i want to follow.every update post its like a tracking device i know what were my friends if read this,and if you got twitter account just follow me @acbyacid.i will always twitt back whenever you follow get your BB or IP to twitt with harm to twitt each other.its a pleasure for everyone to twitt with anyone they like.enjoy your twitter you all..

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