Thursday, March 10, 2011

"GO GREEN" all about saving the earth with green

recently purple maybe the best goodie colors to bring out the style & personality in you.but GREEN also can help you to calm your self with the sense of environment style to save the earth by "GO GREEN".Sometimes green outfit or clothes can go with anything that match with what your wearing,but as i say don't to much using the color green from your head to toe.Play with some some other colors to make sure yourself look neat,simple & clean.these are some GREEN items that i can share with you guy's some products from balenciaga,vans,oakley,marc jacobs,g-shock,Lacoste,john deere,AF & basic t-shirt wear..try it you will definitely enjoying it..!!


  1. nice la tshirt green colour tu.. what brand? n how much the price?

  2. branding from AMERICA...forgot the brand..but will find it out for you soon..!!