Saturday, March 5, 2011


After January been so busy & dizzy,then came a month of FEBRUARY where there's alot of interesting & important day happen in my life in the year 2011.1st the setting up for my ONLINE OFFICIAL BOUTIQUE website.Its been already been approval from the management.Then now waiting for it,still under progress.2nd it was my special day,its was my BIRTHDAY and i'm turning 25 this year.but people always say number didn't mean anything as long you still feel young & there was 3days of celebration on 18th FEB,19th FEB & my BIRTHDAY it self 20th FEB.My BELOVED BESTIES set up all the party on the 18th which it was held in SPORE.i spend the whole day with my BESTIES chillin & hangout together.PRIS,ALICIA,RACHEL,DAICHEW,& the rest of the members was there at HELIPAD @ CENTRAL.thank you so much to all my BELOVED BESTIES with the CAKES,PARTIES,WATERFALL of coz & the was so sweet & special.And i won't forget you all..BEST FRIENDS FOREVER.miss you all..

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