Monday, March 7, 2011

I got my very own "AMERICAN APPAREL" t-shirt

last week i was in singapore accompany my friend from indonesia(BANDUNG)to take a walk & chill all over singapore.I stop by at this amazing shop at FAR EAST PLAZA.the shop was "URBAN JUNKIE" well actually i know the shop,it because i usually bought some stuff from there,when i was working last time i use to shop all the clothes,bag & shoes there.well they having sale..the one really caught up my eyes was the "AMERICAN APPERAL" well as you all know i love that brand & i know the quality of the fabric so damn NICE..infact they having a sale for the basic i bought 2 pairs..and it does come with my really wanna get more of it because there's to many colours to choose from...when i back to spore,i'm sure i gonna visit to that shop again.

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