Wednesday, March 9, 2011

JOHN GALLIANO been terminate from HOUSE OF DIOR

its a very bad news for my fave designer JOHN GALLIANO been terminate from HOUSE OF DIOR, after the video shown on the youtube about the designer making anti-semitic remarks to a group of girls outside a PARIS cafe.Galliano also saying on his video about he love "HITLER" and telling a group of italian girls outside cafe that "people like you would be dead.your mothers,your forefathers,would all been f***** gassed".that was when he totaly drunk..but i not sure either he's innocent or not,is all up to the judge court.the question always remind me in my mind..who is gonna replace GALLIANO for HOUSE OF DIOR..?we wait and see about it.the fashion for DIOR autumn/winter 2011/2012 show still go on without can check out his last design preview on YOUTUBE for autumn/winter 2011/2012.

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