Wednesday, March 9, 2011


it's all about purple,well maybe some of you dont like purple color.i have to say purple color sometimes brings the funky & artistic look.more cheer color to brighten up your day.haha maybe you can try it yourself & explore what is so interesting to choose purple color in yr daily's is my best pick from some *PURPLE GOODIES* from marc by marc jacobs,vans,ray ban,nixon,fred perry & blackberry..i think purple is the best color of spring this year.go on and try it.!!


  1. Purple is sooooo gay!!
    But i looiiikkee!!
    can i request the purple hoodies or purple bag or purple shoes for my birthday?

    PojiePooh; Hanya Satu...

  2. haha purple its like for dosen't matter if u r gay or long u lovin with the colors no harm...!! haha enjoy & play with yr colours in your daily life you will find it interesting!