Wednesday, April 6, 2011

LETS MIX & MATCH ( edgy & smart casual )

Once again..still doin my research in how to look great when u r goin for leisure or maybe outing? but you wanna feel something different..cheerful playful & edgy..well its tough sometimes..but here some tips i can share with you.. if you wanna feel that this is mean to be outing to the beach or prove it wrong dear.imagine this..its like a sailor just came back from their journey around the as you so lazy to change your outfit to go for a date,then just use the same outfit.. but make it funky type.i hope you guys can imagine it.i know not alot of you into it.But i saw this "T-SHIRT" at "TOPMEN" in KL last the color is RED & WHITE STRIPES.. it should be nicer if can mix & match it with "JEANS SHORTS" then you fold it up.the jeans shorts also i saw in the same outlet.besides that you can also adding up with a "SAILOR HATS" look nice with it. others like "SLIP ON SHOES" then carry with those big bowling "BLUE BAG" by "MARC by MARC JACOBS".infact you can also use some extra "VINTAGE" leather "BELTS" & big frame of "RAYBAN" in black "WAYFARER".im sure everything just perfectly style,neat,simple & funky...give it a try guys..i hope you gonna lovin it..!! this is how i dress up myself whenever or wherever i wanna go..FASHION is a must in our daily days.!so hope this sharing tips from me to you could help you guys..!! will share more tips & advice abt MIX & MATCH really soon.

SANDALS ON.... (new version of mens sandals)

Enough with those shoes..i mean like everyday i need to use all the shoes..why not try something new..i mean "SANDALS".not just normal sandals but this time all the designers also create & design something special for mens who wanted stylish & fashionable.So many type & design to choose from..with different type of colors.what so special about this designable sandals is can match with alot of outfit..shorts is the best thing to match can see those stylish dont be shy to try something new everyday..some of the sandals now sold in ASIA.. the best google it trough give it a sure you gonna love it..!! UNIQUE..

WEAR WITH FASHION ( Brand sunglass)

Shades or Sunglass its like a part of the main thing in completing the fashion in now these days mens or womens are so obsess with BIG SUNGLASSES because they all think it represent their own stylish it true..?? well yes..but beside that sunglasses or shades are usefull for us as a human..because it helps to protect our lovely eyes from the sun..UV protection is good to make sure that our eyes are save from the strong sun..!! but some wear it for fashion no harm to use it for personal me is just gorgeous..!! so you guys should own your very own pair or sunglasses..

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

RED RIDING MOOD (its all about red things)

once again the color of the day is back..request upon the people who wanted to see whats their very own favourite color..this time around i bring you guys red i mention on my title RED RIDING MOOD..after the movie RED RIDING HOOD.some of people crazy to find their very own red color items..such as bags,t-shirts,pants & many more..infact fashion now these days alot of red colors as a basic colors to impress the people to try's some of items or red things that i post for you all..some brand from VANS,NOOKA,MARC JACOBS & MCQUEEN.. give it a try i hope u will like it.

WHY so special about TEDDYS (MR.paddington)

read all about the history of MR.PADDINGTON

Paddington Bear is a fictional character in children's literature. He appeared on 13 October 1958 and was subsequently featured in several books, most recently in 2008, written by Michael Bond and first illustrated by Peggy Fortnum. The polite immigrant bear from Darkest Peru, with his old hat, battered suitcase, duffle coat and love of marmalade sandwiches has become a classic character from English children's literature.Paddington books have been translated into thirty languages across seventy titles and sold more than 30 million copies worldwide. Over 265 licences, making thousands of different products across the United Kingdom, Europe, United States, Southeast Asia, Japan, Australia and South Africa all benefit from the universal recognition of Paddington Bear.
Paddington is an anthropomorphised bear. He is always polite—always addressing people as "Mr.", "Mrs." and "Miss" and very rarely by first names—and well-meaning, though he inflicts hard stares on those who incur his disapproval. He likes marmalade sandwiches and cocoa, and has an endless capacity for getting into trouble. However, he is known to "try so hard to get things right". He is an adoptive member of the (human) Brown family, and thus gives his full name as Paddington Brown.


Its all about simple & edgy dressing..guys wanted something neat & sure this time around my article will give you more tips & advice to more aware in every outfit u guys wanted to wear."BERMUDAS PANTS" or "SHORTS" its like a commen outfit for guys who wanted more casual & simple.But some of them not really into it,maybe because they worry they cant find the right outfit to match with it.Infact some of them also worried & shy to wear it because of certain issue.In terms of dressing it dosen't matter what kind outfit u want to wear as long you know what's your size,colors, & how you mix/match with the outfit.this is some tips & advice that i can recommended & share with you guys.


a)first of all when buying bermudas pants make sure what type of bermudas pants that you looking for?what kind of length (average,3quoter,shorts).normally guys like average that not really daring when they wearing in public.most of metrosexual really focus in perfect fit & curve so shorts is suitable & match to skinny or average body type.mostly 3quoter suitable to big size body with short/long legs.

b)try to check the perfect size.make sure its fit nicely.because for bermudas pants or shorts no need to pull it down low.unless you are really into funky style.but mostly casual,simple & neat dressing up is good to choose perfect fit.

c)choose the right colors & right these days they got alot of different type designable bermudas pants/shorts.some got side pockets,back pocket,outside pockets & without pockets.some with lining & some with funky patch or logo.for my opinion the best choice is plain colors like light brown,brown or brite colors.main colors is more to black.but for my advice dont be scared to wear or try something gonna love it.

d)choose the best outfit,try to find something that can match with your bermudas pants or shorts.mostly t-shirt with perfect design & nice colors,its more casual street wear.for attending to great events or parties try to match with floral shirts,abstract shirts & plain goes on with any type of shirts as long its short or long sleeve.but make sure for shirt tuck in & fold it up those sleeve until your elbow.other then that polo t-shirt also can go with bermuda pants or shorts to.the best is tuck in those polo t-shirt & play with brite will look more clean & neat.there so much other outfit you can match it with bermudas pants/ trench coat,woven sweater,long sleeve t-shirt or hoodies/cardigans.

e)lastly choose the right accessories to make it more elegant & shoes u can wear something like suede slip on,casual shoes,sandels & gladiators.accessories also is most important items to match with it,brite colors belts,sunglasses,sling bags & so many long you know what type of colors that you really confident to match with your outfit.

so,i hope you can learn it with all the tips that i share with you guys in how to wear with your CASUAL BERMUDAS PANTS/SHORTS.i hope you guys will try to mix & match it..haha and i post some pictures for you guys to have a until will meet again i will give more article & tips soon..

Monday, April 4, 2011

CHOOSE THE RIGHT JEANS ( perfect fit )

when im doin my research,im still confuse when seeing people wearing their jeans.well different people different thinking of what they wearing.but still people dont aware what type of jeans should they wear.they just bought it without thinking,like what kind of type that match with their own personality & style.They still thinking what they want to wear in their daily days.well here some tips & info about how to choose your very own perfect cutting jeans.mostly every outlet they stated what type of what sort of cut for tall,thin,muscular,big,fit & short people especially for next time when you guys gone for shopping,make sure your list your very own item listing so you can prepare for atleast you not feel so regret when u bought your very own pair of jeans..

a)BAGGY - mostly people got board waist and muscular body love to wear baggy jeans.mostly people who describe them self as a hiphop rappers so baggy is the best cutting.

b)BOOTCUT/FLARE - its more like open space on the down area.its flexible & showing those flare type.mostly taller people with fit body.they wear it with boots.if u wanna make it more new futuristic or casual can match it with normal skate shoes.

c)STARIGHT CUT - this is the most popular cutting among guys who love simple cutting.mostly straight cut mean to fit with any body all depent how long is the length.mostly retailers do provided the alteration.but seriously straight cut can go with anything..

d)SLIMFIT - my best choice i usually choose is slim cutting..its just funky & casual for street wear..mostly slim fit really not to tight is just average,atleast average body type of people can wear this cutting to show some figure on their legs.slim fit can go with any t-shirt or shirt and mostly normal shoes is the best match for it.

e)SKINNY - most of the time skinny people got a hard time when looking for perfect jeans.well now these days skinny jeans is the best cutting to fit for really fit on their legs.this jeans really shown all the figure.infact skinny also have a "leggings" type for guys who want something sexy & freestyle..

so i hope this tips & info will make you know how to buy your very own perfect jeans.!give a sure you wont feel regret!







well so far we been talking too much about fashion & stuff..but seriously in fashion its all about whats new..even gadget & high technologies also consider apart of fashion & style what's hot in the market now is this 2nd edition of "IPAD 2" like wow been release in US feb/march this year 2011..its the same like IPAD but this time IPAD 2 more thinner,lighter,faster,got facetime,smart covers and 10 hour battery.those lovely colorfull smart cover sold get your hands on the IPAD 2 at APPLE store near you..!! i wanna get mine soon..if possible haha..

STRIPE ME..!!! (old stripe is back to 2011)

STRIPE ME!!! GOSH.haha.. the best stripe back then in 60's to 80's to 90's.Now they come back again in 2011..i've spotted everywhere in the retails & boutique ever since i was in KL,stripe its like every where on outfit,bags,shoes and even on accessories.pretty cool huh.? haha..but well there always something special about stripe.the best part stripe can make something cool & cover up yr stream line of your own figure body.some say small stripe meant to be for big size..and some say big stripe meant to be for skinny body.well thats how i use to learn it before,that was like long time ago when i was in collage.learning how to understand by using abstract & colors.even now,in runaway fashion show we can see alot of designers use alot of called that stripe is back for the new generation..with multiply colors & different type of take a look on those picture that i upload it for you bought one for it..!!i wanna own for mine..soon.

MOOD OF DRESSING UP ( italian dress up)

let me share some of dressing for mens & for boys,who wanted simple & nicely to wear in any event or anywhere you wanna go..playing with multi soft colors & some best accessories.this month on my blog i will share alot of info & tips about how i dressing up myself.Actually,i just been invited from my friend for the fashion show event.But well i can't make it because i got urgent call from the my friend is attending for the event.So he ask for suggestion & opinion what to wear? So i give some good ideas & suggestion that i share it to my friend.So i tell him dress up like "italian boys",my friend was abit confuse on it.but i try my best to explain how it looks like & how to dress up like "italian boys".As we know,in their country (ITALY or PARIS) they got 4 season.Mostly young boys or mens they love to wear something smart,casual yet young & edgy and something that neat.Mostly italian & french people love to dress up simple & nice,so they know how to use it in every season in their country.Like us in our country (ASIA) we dont have that 4season.we only got hot season & raining season.But that is ok,we still can dress up our self like them too. if we wanna try something different its like no one can stop long u choose the perfect outfit.So the best thing to start,we have to know how to choose perfect colors & good fabric/material so we dont feel so awkward when we wear it,infact with our weather now these days it seems that some of outfit just not suitable for us to wear this is some of my suggestion & tips how i mix-match to dress up like "ITALIAN BOYS",read it you will learn how to dress it properly.happy reading & trying
a)shirt either short sleeve or long sleeve (plain soft color or abstract)
b)add with some blazer or either cardigans if u want it more formal
c)make sure u adding up with accessories like (bow tie,slim fit tie or muffler)
d)pants mostly italian love soft suede chinos *light brown colors*
c)wanna make it look different fold it abit..
e)adding some strinking belts or wooden belts.
f)with or without socks just fine with it as long white..the best ankle socks.
g)i forgotten u can still use any nerdy glasses.
h)make more versatile carry those leather sling bag or just document bags.
i)dont forget the shoes choose something like slip on or classic shoes.