Monday, April 4, 2011

CHOOSE THE RIGHT JEANS ( perfect fit )

when im doin my research,im still confuse when seeing people wearing their jeans.well different people different thinking of what they wearing.but still people dont aware what type of jeans should they wear.they just bought it without thinking,like what kind of type that match with their own personality & style.They still thinking what they want to wear in their daily days.well here some tips & info about how to choose your very own perfect cutting jeans.mostly every outlet they stated what type of what sort of cut for tall,thin,muscular,big,fit & short people especially for next time when you guys gone for shopping,make sure your list your very own item listing so you can prepare for atleast you not feel so regret when u bought your very own pair of jeans..

a)BAGGY - mostly people got board waist and muscular body love to wear baggy jeans.mostly people who describe them self as a hiphop rappers so baggy is the best cutting.

b)BOOTCUT/FLARE - its more like open space on the down area.its flexible & showing those flare type.mostly taller people with fit body.they wear it with boots.if u wanna make it more new futuristic or casual can match it with normal skate shoes.

c)STARIGHT CUT - this is the most popular cutting among guys who love simple cutting.mostly straight cut mean to fit with any body all depent how long is the length.mostly retailers do provided the alteration.but seriously straight cut can go with anything..

d)SLIMFIT - my best choice i usually choose is slim cutting..its just funky & casual for street wear..mostly slim fit really not to tight is just average,atleast average body type of people can wear this cutting to show some figure on their legs.slim fit can go with any t-shirt or shirt and mostly normal shoes is the best match for it.

e)SKINNY - most of the time skinny people got a hard time when looking for perfect jeans.well now these days skinny jeans is the best cutting to fit for really fit on their legs.this jeans really shown all the figure.infact skinny also have a "leggings" type for guys who want something sexy & freestyle..

so i hope this tips & info will make you know how to buy your very own perfect jeans.!give a sure you wont feel regret!







  1. u r welcome beb..!! hahaha its a good stuff..!!keep on viewing my blog for more info,tips & alot of suprising stuff

  2. I don't know why guy's jeans are so baggy for. Every one of those pairs is some variation of "baggy" other than the skinny version.

    I'm done with guy's jeans. I found that shopping in the women's section offers a lot more variety in fit and style than the jeans made for guys. Almost nobody, even people that work in jean retail stores, know I am wearing women's jeans. And you know what? I look fantastic in them, and get tons of compliments. I never got anything like this when wearing guy's jeans.

    On top of this, they are much more comfortable. I am fed up of 10- or 11- inch rises. Seriously, who designs this crap? 8.25-8.75 inch is fine. Jeans should rest on your hips anyway. Why anyone would want them so far up the waist is beyond me. It's dorky.

    To any guy who's having a hard time finding a pair of jeans, just look in the women's section. I like Silver Jeans - everything I've tried on except for the super skinny's looked and fit really well on me. I have many purchased many Aiko and a few Suki's. Don't let the fact that they are made for curvy or slightly curvy women fool you - they might just fit you perfectly. And when they do, you'll be done with guy's jeans too.