Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Its all about simple & edgy dressing..guys wanted something neat & unique.im sure this time around my article will give you more tips & advice to more aware in every outfit u guys wanted to wear."BERMUDAS PANTS" or "SHORTS" its like a commen outfit for guys who wanted more casual & simple.But some of them not really into it,maybe because they worry they cant find the right outfit to match with it.Infact some of them also worried & shy to wear it because of certain issue.In terms of dressing it dosen't matter what kind outfit u want to wear as long you know what's your size,colors, & how you mix/match with the outfit.this is some tips & advice that i can recommended & share with you guys.


a)first of all when buying bermudas pants make sure what type of bermudas pants that you looking for?what kind of length (average,3quoter,shorts).normally guys like average that not really daring when they wearing in public.most of metrosexual really focus in perfect fit & curve so shorts is suitable & match to skinny or average body type.mostly 3quoter suitable to big size body with short/long legs.

b)try to check the perfect size.make sure its fit nicely.because for bermudas pants or shorts no need to pull it down low.unless you are really into funky style.but mostly casual,simple & neat dressing up is good to choose perfect fit.

c)choose the right colors & right design.now these days they got alot of different type designable bermudas pants/shorts.some got side pockets,back pocket,outside pockets & without pockets.some with lining & some with funky patch or logo.for my opinion the best choice is plain colors like light brown,brown or brite colors.main colors is more to black.but for my advice dont be scared to wear or try something new.you gonna love it.

d)choose the best outfit,try to find something that can match with your bermudas pants or shorts.mostly t-shirt with perfect design & nice colors,its more casual street wear.for attending to great events or parties try to match with floral shirts,abstract shirts & plain shirts.it goes on with any type of shirts as long its short or long sleeve.but make sure for shirt tuck in & fold it up those sleeve until your elbow.other then that polo t-shirt also can go with bermuda pants or shorts to.the best is tuck in those polo t-shirt & play with brite colors.it will look more clean & neat.there so much other outfit you can match it with bermudas pants/shorts..like trench coat,woven sweater,long sleeve t-shirt or hoodies/cardigans.

e)lastly choose the right accessories to make it more elegant & casual.like shoes u can wear something like suede slip on,casual shoes,sandels & gladiators.accessories also is most important items to match with it,brite colors belts,sunglasses,sling bags & so many more.as long you know what type of colors that you really confident to match with your outfit.

so,i hope you can learn it with all the tips that i share with you guys in how to wear with your CASUAL BERMUDAS PANTS/SHORTS.i hope you guys will try to mix & match it..haha and i post some pictures for you guys to have a look.so until will meet again i will give more article & tips soon..


  1. pic no.1 : shirst n pants die smart :) brand ape ye?

    second last pic : short pants die nice !

  2. 2nd should be POLO ralph lauren..