Wednesday, April 6, 2011

LETS MIX & MATCH ( edgy & smart casual )

Once again..still doin my research in how to look great when u r goin for leisure or maybe outing? but you wanna feel something different..cheerful playful & edgy..well its tough sometimes..but here some tips i can share with you.. if you wanna feel that this is mean to be outing to the beach or prove it wrong dear.imagine this..its like a sailor just came back from their journey around the as you so lazy to change your outfit to go for a date,then just use the same outfit.. but make it funky type.i hope you guys can imagine it.i know not alot of you into it.But i saw this "T-SHIRT" at "TOPMEN" in KL last the color is RED & WHITE STRIPES.. it should be nicer if can mix & match it with "JEANS SHORTS" then you fold it up.the jeans shorts also i saw in the same outlet.besides that you can also adding up with a "SAILOR HATS" look nice with it. others like "SLIP ON SHOES" then carry with those big bowling "BLUE BAG" by "MARC by MARC JACOBS".infact you can also use some extra "VINTAGE" leather "BELTS" & big frame of "RAYBAN" in black "WAYFARER".im sure everything just perfectly style,neat,simple & funky...give it a try guys..i hope you gonna lovin it..!! this is how i dress up myself whenever or wherever i wanna go..FASHION is a must in our daily days.!so hope this sharing tips from me to you could help you guys..!! will share more tips & advice abt MIX & MATCH really soon.

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  1. suka baju top man yg strip red white tu :)