Monday, April 4, 2011

MOOD OF DRESSING UP ( italian dress up)

let me share some of dressing for mens & for boys,who wanted simple & nicely to wear in any event or anywhere you wanna go..playing with multi soft colors & some best accessories.this month on my blog i will share alot of info & tips about how i dressing up myself.Actually,i just been invited from my friend for the fashion show event.But well i can't make it because i got urgent call from the my friend is attending for the event.So he ask for suggestion & opinion what to wear? So i give some good ideas & suggestion that i share it to my friend.So i tell him dress up like "italian boys",my friend was abit confuse on it.but i try my best to explain how it looks like & how to dress up like "italian boys".As we know,in their country (ITALY or PARIS) they got 4 season.Mostly young boys or mens they love to wear something smart,casual yet young & edgy and something that neat.Mostly italian & french people love to dress up simple & nice,so they know how to use it in every season in their country.Like us in our country (ASIA) we dont have that 4season.we only got hot season & raining season.But that is ok,we still can dress up our self like them too. if we wanna try something different its like no one can stop long u choose the perfect outfit.So the best thing to start,we have to know how to choose perfect colors & good fabric/material so we dont feel so awkward when we wear it,infact with our weather now these days it seems that some of outfit just not suitable for us to wear this is some of my suggestion & tips how i mix-match to dress up like "ITALIAN BOYS",read it you will learn how to dress it properly.happy reading & trying
a)shirt either short sleeve or long sleeve (plain soft color or abstract)
b)add with some blazer or either cardigans if u want it more formal
c)make sure u adding up with accessories like (bow tie,slim fit tie or muffler)
d)pants mostly italian love soft suede chinos *light brown colors*
c)wanna make it look different fold it abit..
e)adding some strinking belts or wooden belts.
f)with or without socks just fine with it as long white..the best ankle socks.
g)i forgotten u can still use any nerdy glasses.
h)make more versatile carry those leather sling bag or just document bags.
i)dont forget the shoes choose something like slip on or classic shoes.

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