Wednesday, April 6, 2011

SANDALS ON.... (new version of mens sandals)

Enough with those shoes..i mean like everyday i need to use all the shoes..why not try something new..i mean "SANDALS".not just normal sandals but this time all the designers also create & design something special for mens who wanted stylish & fashionable.So many type & design to choose from..with different type of colors.what so special about this designable sandals is can match with alot of outfit..shorts is the best thing to match can see those stylish dont be shy to try something new everyday..some of the sandals now sold in ASIA.. the best google it trough give it a sure you gonna love it..!! UNIQUE..


  1. sandle no. 2 !
    like it :)
    brand ape? n how much ?

  2. GUCCI... PRICE range tak salah i 650dollars

  3. seryes semart acid..
    i really like these gladiators..

  4. mne la nk cr gladiator lelawa ye.. penat cr.. huhu