Monday, April 4, 2011

STRIPE ME..!!! (old stripe is back to 2011)

STRIPE ME!!! GOSH.haha.. the best stripe back then in 60's to 80's to 90's.Now they come back again in 2011..i've spotted everywhere in the retails & boutique ever since i was in KL,stripe its like every where on outfit,bags,shoes and even on accessories.pretty cool huh.? haha..but well there always something special about stripe.the best part stripe can make something cool & cover up yr stream line of your own figure body.some say small stripe meant to be for big size..and some say big stripe meant to be for skinny body.well thats how i use to learn it before,that was like long time ago when i was in collage.learning how to understand by using abstract & colors.even now,in runaway fashion show we can see alot of designers use alot of called that stripe is back for the new generation..with multiply colors & different type of take a look on those picture that i upload it for you bought one for it..!!i wanna own for mine..soon.

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