Saturday, March 9, 2013


Welcome MARCH and Hell yeah im BACK with a fresh new spirit to move on with more new projects and new collections.Thank you to all the supporters and new followers who had been reading my blog and support ACBYACID.I got alot of emails and received text from people who viewing my blog,requesting some of the items that they had seen from my blog.First of all i apologize that some of the items that i shown or update in my blog is just a reference and pictures to show as example or a updates in what's is the new trends and the best pick for every season.It's not a item that i sell.I just selling my own products under ACBYACID label it self.But no worries after this i will try to bring in some of local and international brands for sell under this official blog.Thank you for the FEEDBACK and COMMENTS that you guys and girls gave.I really appreciate it alot.So i will start my project for this month.Infact i will start writing my blog with more things to share.regards ACID

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